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Artificial Intelligence, or AI in short, and in particular its subfield Machine/Deep Learning, has become a major interest for companies and individuals alike all over the globe. From computer vision to health care, from self-driving cars to automatic machine translation — many of today's advances would not have been possible without modern AI. But what can it do for you and your business? Sinntelligence is here to help! Our experts will answer all your questions and help you bring the future to your company.

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Machine Learning

Machine (or "Deep") Learning is a subset of AI, used to let a computer learn from samples or historic data. Such trained systems can then for example classify further data samples, make predictions, or solve regression problems. Many Machine Learning applications today are based on Artificial Neural Networks, even though there are also other (e.g. statistical) approaches possible.


Computer Vision

One typical applicaiton of Deep Learning systems today is Computer Vision, which enables computer systems to "see" and — even more important — understand the world around them. Such applications can range from image classification tasks, object detection in pictures or video streams, to cars that can monitor what happens around them in real time.


Quality Assurance

Does your company produce goods that need to fulfill a certain quality level? Do you need to sort out those workpieces, which do not meet that quality level? Our solutions can make visual examinations within your production line in order to sort out the bad items from the good ones. This fully automated approach allows your employees to focus on the tasks that really matter.


Predictive Maintenance

Your business relies on machines that need to work. They must do so 24/7, any downtime costs money, thus these need to be kept to an absolut minimum. Wouldn't it be great if you can take your production machines down for inspection only if there is really a need for that? Our solutions can monitor your machines and inform you in advance before issues can break your hardware.


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