Working @ Sinntelligence

We are a small start-up, working with and on various aspects of machine and deep learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence in general. We have basically no hierachies, but communicate all directly to each other. Obviously, we are a very tech-oriented company.

Everyone in our company has a lot of freedom. Each employee can choose his or her working style, as long as it fits into the company and the projects we are working on. However, with that freedom also comes responsibility — we are a small company, so everyone in the team has to contribute, otherwise it won't work.

Working at Sinntelligence means:
  • Interesting projects, cutting-edge technology, a lot to learn.
  • Great people to work with and to learn from, very friendly colleagues, no hierarchies.
  • To work on your own responsibility, choosing your own style, flexible working hours.
  • A nice office in the heart of Vienna, free coffee, social company events.

We are hiring!

Here you find all our open positions

(Junior) Software Developer

To support our development team we are looking for a smart coder / programmer / tech guy. Rather than requesting knowledge in this or that programming language or framework we need people who would consider themselves as geeks or nerds. Someone who knows how to code, regardless of a specific language. Never used or even heard of a certain tool, language, framework? An ideal candidate would just learn it, because he or she wants to learn it! We are looking for coders that have fun to code also in their spare time ...

Having that said, as a reference, we require at least the following (soft) skills:

  • Austrian HTL, Bachelor or (preferrably) Master degree in Computer Science
  • Without degree we expect you to have at least 3+ years of professional experience
  • A very strong interest in working with computers for many years / since childhood
  • A profound understanding of programming and design patterns in general
  • Years of experience in at least two or three languages, Python is a must
  • You must have at least some experience working on Linux (preferrably Ubuntu/Debian)
  • No fear of unknown tech, willingness to learn such things on your own

And if you want to earn some bonus points for your application:

  • Experience with various AI approaches, in particular deep learning and neural networks
  • Experience in computer vision, image classification, object detection etc.
  • Experience in reading (and understanding!) scientific papers (e.g. on
  • Experience with Python + Keras + TensorFlow + OpenCV and related stuff
  • Experience in Linux server administration would be a plus

Job description / your responsibilities:

  • Support the development team with various programming tasks, both AI-related and "traditional"
  • Learn new and/or expand your existing AI-related skills (in particular deep learning, computer vision)
  • Research on new approaches and advances in the world of applied machine learning and computer vision
  • Help with deploying our software both online (e.g. on AWS machines) or on-premise at our clients
  • With more experience you will take over responsibility for whole projects

What are you waiting for?

If you think you would be a perfect match for this position, then please don't hesitate to apply now. Just write us an email and tell us why you want to work with us as an AI software developer. Ohh, and please don't forget to include your updated CV!